Beat around the bush

To talk about lots of unimportant things because you want to avoid talking about what is really important:

Quit beating around the bush and say what’s on your mind.

Cambridge Dictionary
Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.

Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.

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7 Super Useful Idioms to Improve Your Fluency


18 aug. 2020

Learning English idioms is a great way to improve your comprehension and fluency because people use them all the time in casual conversation. So I walked out the door and searched for some of the most useful idioms to teach you. Here are the idioms that I found.

1) to beat around the bush
2) to bark up the wrong tree
3) to go with the flow
4) to nip (something) in the bud
5) Knock on wood.
6) (to be) living under a rock
7) grassroots

Ac Dc – Beating Around The Bush Lyrics


15 jul. 2017

Ac Dc – Beating Around The Bush Lyrics

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