Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes

NEVER JUDGE ANYONE BECAUSE You never know how their life is & what they’re going through.

NEVER JUDGE ANYONE BECAUSE You never know how their life is & what they’re going through.

What does it really mean walking in someone else his shoes.

It is finding out what went wrong.

A justice system that nearly failed for the 22-year-old criminology student Liam Allan.

The case against Liam Allan was thrown out of court after text messages were discovered exonerating

The website is about a justice paradox.


Things are not always as they appear.
Somtimes we make quick assumptions about people, circumstances and situations.
We judge them, label them and put them into a box not recongnizing that there is a much bigger picture.
Sometimes we meet someone paticular, stage or phase of their life and stereotype them to be a certain way.
Don’t be so quick to judge. Never judging anyone because you never know how their life is and what they go through.


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What went wrong in the case of Liam Allan? Disclosure

The subject of the website is about the one and a half minute video (below).

(walking in someone else his shoes = I try my best as I always do …) 

1 Before You Judge Someone, Walk A Mile In Their Shoes | Think Out Loud With Jay Shetty


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Gepubliceerd op 6 jan. 2017

You may never know what someone else is dealing with unless you ask.

2 Never Judge Anyone


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12 dec. 2019

NEVER JUDGE ANYONE BECAUSE You never know how their life is & what they’re going through, think about this moment.
A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery. He answered the call as soon as possible, changed his clothes and went directly to the surgery block…


Gewoon eerlijkheid in eenvoud


 When you judge someone, it says more about you... ...unless you really HAVE walked a mile in their shoes!

Er is de universele vraag: is er iets onduidelijk? Dit is van toepassing doorheen de gehele website.

… unless you really HAVE walked a mile in their shoes!

Bovenstaande 10 woorden zijn zowat iets van de inhoud van de ‘searching talk’ door procureur Adam Foss (webpagina “You cared about me” …) onder het menu Preface.

Bemerk een dossier is fragmentarisch en kan gekleurd zijn.
Wanneer je de last van iets voelt en dit moeilijk voor je is, dan besef je wat er gebeurt.
Dan is er niet louter een rationele benadering.
Bemerk je kunt niet wereldvreemd met iets omgaan, m.a.w. spreken over iets waar je niets over weet.

… unless you really HAVE walked a mile in their shoes!

Wanneer in de vezels van jezelf, het hele gebeuren door je heen gaat, kun je beseffen wat het is.
Erover nadenken of meevoelen is niet voldoende. Het is meer dan erover nadenken, het confronteert en het heeft een impact op je.
‘You really have walked a mile in their shoes’ is het gewicht voelen van de wereld waarin het gebeuren zich voordoet, in lengte van tijd en met dezelfde intensiteit.

3 Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)

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30 aug. 2014

A short-film that teaches us that we shouldn’t be too quick to judge people.
Directed by:
Actress: Diana Von Gruning
Actor: Younes Mohamed Director: Maaz Khan
Special thanks to: Nizar Khammash

4 Filipino children driven to the streets by crushing poverty


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7 okt. 2009

UNICEF estimates that one billion children live in poverty — almost every second child in the world. The Philippines can be seen as a microcosm of the problem, with children driven to the streets. One man — a former child of the streets himself — is trying to help.
It breaks my heart to see these children living and sleeping in the streets without any family. I wish I could have the billions of dollars the rich Arabs have in Dubai and the Golf region. Then, I would go to the Philippines and build extraordinary complex hotels for these kids, complete with schools, entertainment and comfortable dorms. The world isn’t short of resources. Some people are short of love some where in the world. May God bless and save these children.
derealove Survival
One child who is poor in a rich world. Is one child too many.. This world wide abuse must stop.
the Catholic church is to blame for all this.No proper Family Planning or contraceptives.
maybe if they didn’t have 10 kids each and expect jesus to make things better
Cindy Weir
This makes me so sad. So hard to watch. Children are so precious. God why?
The answers and the core of the problems start at the top of the chain…International banking cartel promotes enslavement and poverty globally. Of course the governments policies do not help either, but lets face it, they go along with the Banking/Corporate World..
As a westerner that is in the Philippines often I will tell you what the problem is, the Catholic church, even with the massive over population they still tried to prevent the option of contraception for family’s. Not to mention the child round up that happened when the pope came on his visit, but he is a good man bullshit. It is totally disgusting as Filipino people are the most caring and compassionate you will find, it is this reason they are so valued for as hospital staff there is no reason for this situation to happen. WAKE UP PEOPLE you will not be going to hell because you used a condom and does it not occur that even with the amount of praying nothing gets better?. You are a great nation and wonderful people but please educate yourself to stop this needless suffering. Before I get flamed to death myself and my wife plan to adopt a child when we are back there in March, we are obviously very lucky to be in a situation to do this but you can make a different no matter how small..

5 JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Free Car Scrubbing 


24 feb. 2011

Gas station attendant volunteers some deep cleaning.