Life lessons – Gandhi, bovenstaande tekst – vindt men in onderstaande video van 30 minuten

Barack Obama, 33 jaar, nieuw gekozen senator 2005 en uitgenodigd door de president in het Witte Huis, zoals met veel humor gezegd op minuut 2 in de video (de eerste 10 seconden van de video zijn zonder klank).

De leuke onderstaande video over de persoon Barack Obama heeft dezelfde strekking als de video onder het menu ‘Preface’: ‘You cared about me’ door procureur Adam Foss.

Voorbeeld het spontaan persoonlijk eerlijkheidsgehalte (beiden – nieuw gekozen senator en de brand nieuw procureur – ongeveer even oud, het is ongeveer hetzelfde jaar, ze hebben het out-of-the-box daadwerkelijk idealisme.

 …unless you really HAVE walked a mile in their shoes! (Dit is van toepassing op beiden).

In onderstaande video van 30 minuten spreekt Barack Obama als 33 jarige op verrassende wijze over de heel aparte levenswerkelijkheid van zijn jeugd.

Bemerk: De eerste 12 seconden is er geen klank

1 Barack Obama Before He Became President

De eerste 12 seconden is er geen klank

Gepubliceerd op 22 jan. 2017

Bob Sirott interviews Senator Barack Obama in 2004 for WTTW Chicago Tonight.
Watch for Bob calling the future president a hoodlum!


A Young Thug or gangster, very violent

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary:

hoodlum (informal) 1 (also slang hood especially in American English)
a violent criminal, especially one who is part of a gang
2 a violent and noisy young man synonym hooligan.

Minute 7″: hoodlum and self destructive behavor

Minute 12″: a much smaller margin of error in Chicago, could landed up in jail.

De ommekeer

Minute 21

Video 30 minutes


2 NBC News: Ann Dunham


Gepubliceerd op 28 mrt. 2008

You should be with us in 2012, join now:
NBC Nightly News covers Barack Obama’s mother, talking with the Senator about his childhood and the legacy of his mother in his life today.
God asks no man whether he will accept life. 
That is not the choice. You must take it. 

The only choice is how


Barack Obama said in the video:
  • It would be wonderful to have
  • the counsel of parents
  • it would be wonderful to be able
  • to admit mistakes or just get
  • some encouragement


  • instead he has to rely on what they left him
  • and each left him very different

3 Oprah & Michelle Introduce Barack Obama (Full Oprah Speech)


9 dec. 2007

Obama 2012: Are you in?
At a rally in Des Moines, IA on December 8, 2007, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey introduce and speak about Barack Obama.

4 The Speech that Made Obama President


30 aug. 2012

In 2004, a one-term senator from Illinois took the stage to deliver the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. By the time Barack Obama had finished speaking, Democrats across the country knew they had seen the future of their party.

Political speech experts featured in this episode include:

Michael A. Cohen
Author, Live From The Campaign Trail

Mario Cuomo
Former Governor of New York

Robert Lehrman
Chief Speechwriter for Vice President Gore and Professor of Speechwriting, American University

Charlton McIlwain
Professor of Communication, New York University

Jeff Shesol
Speechwriter for President Clinton and Founding Partner, West Wing Writers

PODIUM is a bi-weekly series that embraces the art of public speaking and honors those with something to say. From historic political speeches, to contemporary commencement addresses, to wedding toasts, the series explores various genres of speechmaking and provides inspiring, insightful analysis including “how-to” content.

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Lax Conscience: Conscience that tends to follow the easy way and to find excuses for mistakes.

5 “Obama out:” President Barack Obama’s hilarious final White House correspondents’ dinner speech

As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn’t hold back in his final speech at the White House correspondents’ dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.

6 Life story Barack Obama and Mother Ann Dunham


16 feb. 2017

Much has been written about Barack Obama. A few weeks ago I received in my mailbox a story about the young Barack in the lives away with his mother. I’ve put in a PowerPoint presentation. In gratitude what this man has done for his country and the world around it. The perseverance in his younger years and acting as its function. The world will miss the actions of this man, now he can not expand his dream.

7 Man Eats His Cigarette To Avoid Getting In Trouble

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15 jul. 2020

It’s definitely not healthy to smoke cigarettes, so I’m going to go out on the limb and say that it’s just as bad for you to eat them.
Welcome to the world-famous Just for Laughs Gags, we’ve been playing silly pranks on unsuspecting people in public and capturing hilarious reactions with hidden cameras.