Executed by mistake



Once an inmate is executed nothing can be done to make amends if a mistake has been made.

1 The Fight to Prove an Innocent Man Was Executed

25 mei 2012

For more coverage, visit the PBS NewsHour website: http://to.pbs.org/JHFicQ
A new report published by Columbia Law School professor James Liebman and his students aims to clear the name of Carlos DeLuna, who was executed for a murder that he swore he didn’t commit. Ray Suarez speaks with Liebman about the quest to prove DeLuna was innocent and put to death for another man’s crime.
2 Man in Texas executed by mistake?

Gepubliceerd op 23 nov. 2012

Did Texas state officials convict and execute the wrong man? It’s a question that has haunted one family and a group of law students for years. Some think that police hurried through a sloppy investigation, leaving clear evidence behind. Bob Orr reports.

3 The Wrong Carlos: Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?

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Gepubliceerd op 23 jul. 2013

Groundbreaking five-year study questions whether Carlos DeLuna committed a 1983 murder.

4 Innocent Man Executed in Texas

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Gepubliceerd op 6 jul. 2006

5 Inside Story Americas – How many innocent people has the US executed?


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Gepubliceerd op 18 mei 2012
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More than 20 years after Texas executed Carlos DeLuna, a study reveals he was innocent. Support for capital punishment in the US has been on the decline over the last two decades. We take a closer look at the DeLuna case and what it says about capital punishment in the country, and the flaws in its implementation. Guests: Shawn Crowley, Bruce Fein, Richard Dieter.

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6 Remembering Troy Davis: Questions Remain Over if Georgia Executed Innocent Man One Year Ago


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Gepubliceerd op 21 sep. 2012
DemocracyNow.org – One year ago today, the state of Georgia executed Troy Anthony Davis for a crime many believe he did not commit. He was put to death on Sept. 21, 2011, despite major doubts about evidence used to convict him of killing police officer Mark MacPhail, including the recantation of seven of the nine non-police witnesses. As the world watched to see whether Davis’s final appeal for a stay of execution would be granted by the U.S. Supreme Court, Democracy Now! was the only news outlet to continuously broadcast live from the prison grounds in Jackson, Georgia. During our six-hour special report, we spoke with Davis’s supporters and family members who held an all-day vigil, then heard from those who witnessed his death by lethal injection at 11:08 p.m.

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7 Innocent Man on Texas Death Row set to be executed tonight-1/3


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Gepubliceerd op 21 aug. 2008

Texas Death Row Prisoner Faces Execution Tonight for Murder He Didn’t Commit
A thirty-five-year-old man on death row in Texas faces execution tonight for a murder he didn’t commit. Jeff Wood is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 6:00 p.m., unless Governor Rick Perry grants him clemency. Wood was an accomplice in a 1996 convenience store robbery. He was sitting in a truck outside when the clerk was shot and killed. The man who pulled the trigger was executed six years ago, but Wood was given a death sentence for the same crime under the Texas law of parties. We go to the prison where Jeff Wood is awaiting death to speak with his wife, mother and father outside. We also speak with Liliana Segura of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty. [includes rush transcript]

8 Did Texas execute a wrongly convicted man?


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Gepubliceerd op 4 mrt. 2014

Cameron Todd Willingham was convicted of setting his house on fire in 1991 and murdering his three young daughters in Texas, and subsequently executed ten years ago. The execution came despite pleas from family members and death penalty opponents that Willingham was innocent. But now newly discovered evidence shows that Willingham may not, in fact, have started the fire. RT’s Ameera David talks to Bryce Benjet, staff attorney for the Innocence Project, about what went wrong in the case that Texas may have executed an innocent man.

9 Dog Escape Prank

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