Harvard University

1 What’s it like inside Harvard University? | Harvard Campus Tour

Gepubliceerd op 16 jul. 2019

Have you ever dreamed of going to Harvard University? This video is the BEST campus tour of Harvard. Let me take you inside the top university of the world!

Harvard is the oldest university in US and the best university in the world. Harvard is an Ivy League located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s actually within bike-able distance to MIT! The campus of the university is elegant and full of history.

CAMPUS CRAWL is a new series where I take you to tour the top universities around the world. So you can get inspired to apply to Ivy Leagues (or your dream school) and eliminate the fear of going to college. Or just get a wider perspective on elite student life.

To get into Harvard University is insanely difficult, but at least you can now appreciate their campus. It was my childhood to go to Harvard, after touring the whole Harvard campus, I can finally say I went to Harvard!

Harvard Yard (0:28)
Best Picture Spot (1:19)
John Harvard Statue (2:25)
Harvard Memorial Library (3:36)
Science Center (4:55)
Harvard Square (5:26)
Havard Commons Study Area (6:43)
Harvard Lecture Halls (7:41)
Memorial Church (8:47)

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2 What MIT Campus Looks Like Inside | MIT Campus Tour

Gepubliceerd op 12 jun. 2019

Finally NOT a horrible MIT Campus Tour! No more shaky cams. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the best technical university worldwide so it deserves the best-produced video.

Campus Crawl is a new series where I take you to tour the top universities around the world. So you can eliminate the fear of going to college and decide where you want to go. Or just get a wider perspective on elite student life.

Many dreams were made and crushed here. To get into MIT Engineering is insanely difficult, but at least you can now appreciate their campus! After touring the whole MIT campus, I fell in love with their technology vibe. Every student I talked to is technically adept. They can build anything they can think of. I love that. Also, the school has all the tech necessarily to support students’ projects. They have limitless room to create.

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3 How I Got Into Harvard University – DETAILED AND HONEST GUIDE!

Gepubliceerd op 19 apr. 2019

How I Got Into Harvard – detailed Q&A!! All questions TIMESTAMPS ARE LINKED BELOW ⮯

This video will show you how to get into Harvard University – everything you need to know before you apply. Getting accepted into Harvard is different for everyone, but hopefully this video will show you a general Ivey League guideline. It will you the application process, SAT, Harvard App Essay, and other extracurricular activities you need to do.

00:42 Which universities did you get accepted into?
01:12 What were your extracurricular highlights?
02:09 What was your high school GPA?
02:27 How many AP classes did you take?
03:08 When did you start planning to apply to Harvard?
04:10 What was your SAT score?
04:16 **SAT Study Tips**
06:08 Harvard application essay tips?
06:47 What do you think of the Ivey League application advice on YouTube?
07:52 How did you react to your Harvard acceptance letter?
09:21 **The “Harvard Formula”** – 2 step formula for getting into Harvard
11:38 What’s your advice to your high school self?
11:53 What’s your advice to your college self?
**extremely important**

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4 Inside the INSANE LIFE of MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology Day In The Life

Gepubliceerd op 23 jun. 2019

Get an exclusive view into the INSANE life a of a MIT student! Ingrid is a senior student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studying Math.
Today Ingrid took me to her Applied Math classes at MIT Sloan – their business school. It was hard. But that’s not surprising because Massachusetts Institute of Technology is recognized as the top ivy league for studying STEM programs. The school is focused around the sciences and technology. You probably have already seen Boston Dynamics Robots! Which are built by MIT students. The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas that will serve the world. Wow.

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5 – 11 Harvard Study Tips Guaranteed to Get You Into Ivy League

Gepubliceerd op 29 jul. 2019

Do you know how to study? Here are some effective study tips for final exams guaranteed to get you better grades so you get into Harvard University…or any other Ivy League schools.
It’s almost back to school season. It’s time to say bye bye to those summer days and once again remember how to study. I know studying for final exams can be hard. It’s boring. But in high school and college it’s apart of life. So learning effective study tips and study hacks can give you the study motivation you need to succeed. Although these college study tips are not technically “scientifically proven” study hacks, I’ve personally tried them and found them effective. Use these tricks and tricks for your exams…then ace your finals!
Study advice is only useful if you apply it. So go study! Start focusing and stop stressing. I’ll see you in Harvard University.

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6 Little Girl Drives Her Drunk Dad Home


18 feb. 2020

Kids don’t get enough credit for how impressive they are. That being said, you should never let them anywhere near a steering wheel.
Filmed in Montreal, Quebec Welcome to the world-famous channel, where we pull public pranks on unsuspecting Montreal residents and tourists.