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1 – 12-year-old steals credit card and flies to Bali | A Current Affair Australia


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Gepubliceerd op 14 sep. 2018

Australian police are investigating how a 12-year-old Australian boy managed to fly to Bali by himself, using his parents credit card.

2 – Fake Indian IRS Fraudster Explains the Scam


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Gepubliceerd op 28 sep. 2017

Jayesh, a 19 year old from Mumbai, India, explains how he worked in a fraudulent telephone boiler room pretending to be an IRS agent collecting taxes as he called people all over America. The video is followed by examples of fake IRS threats and Jayesh’s explanation of how they worked.

3 – Evidence Of Injustice


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Gepubliceerd op 15 sep. 2008
In a joint investigation, 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft and The Washington Post’s John Solomon report on a flawed science used in the convictions of hundreds of defendants, dozens of whom may be innocent.

4 German auto giant Volkswagen caught lying on a spectacular scale | 60 Minutes Australia


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Gepubliceerd op 16 sep. 2019
(2015) Volkswagen is right in the middle of a corporate scandal of epic proportions. The German auto giant has been caught lying, on a spectacular scale. 11 million of its ‘clean’ diesel engine cars were equipped with software deliberately programmed to cheat pollution tests. A blatant con that is highly illegal. In Australia, 10 Volkswagen models have now been suspended from sale, and 77-thousand vehicles face recall at the very least. Volkswagen’s ruthless drive to be world number one, hid a dirty secret – diesel engines that couldn’t deliver on high performance and still meet environmental standards. Michael Usher goes inside the Volkswagen lie, and meets the small band of engineering students who’ve brought a giant to its knees.

5 The teller – A whistle blower exposes the toxic culture within our banks | 60 Minutes Australia


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For three decades Catherine was a teller. She says at first it was an honourable job, and she genuinely thought her role was to help the customers. But then the banks started putting profits before people and her bosses made her do the same. The dirty tricks Catherine reveals provide an alarming insight into the culture of Australian banking institutions.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: David Hardaker
For forty years, 60 Minutes have been telling Australians the world’s greatest stories. Tales that changed history, our nation and our lives.
Reporters Liz Hayes, Allison Langdon, Tara Brown, Charles Wooley, Liam Bartlett and Tom Steinfort look past the headlines because there is always a bigger picture. Sundays are for 60 Minutes.

6 System Failure: The Boeing Crashes | Fault Lines


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16 okt. 2019

When a commercial airplane crashed off the coast of Indonesia in October 2018, global aviation authorities were shocked.

The aircraft was a 737 MAX, one of the newest models of US manufacturer Boeing.

And then when a second MAX dropped out of the sky in Ethiopia in March 2019, investigators said they believed that software on the airplane played a role in both crashes.

With 346 people dead and the MAX now grounded, aviation authorities around the globe have asked what went wrong, how the US certified the aircraft in 2017 and how oversight failed. Families and investigators are still searching for answers.

A former Boeing engineer who worked on the plane, and asked to remain anonymous, recalls that the design and testing of the 737 MAX took place amid immense commercial pressure.

“Cost pressure and time. Time pressure was the biggest impact, biggest driver … [There was] immense pressure on getting the airplane to market as soon as possible,” he told Fault Lines.

“On the 737 MAX there was constant pressure to not change anything. From a cost perspective, change costs money. The business side drives the culture.”

Captain Dennis Tajer from the Allied Pilots Association believes “the system failed”.

“The system is Boeing, the FAA, other oversight areas from within those groups,” he says. “What’s the measure on that judgment? These crashes. It’s that simple: the system failed. It failed our passengers, it failed the globe.”

Fault Lines traces what led to the two plane crashes and asks if US aviation regulators have allowed the industry too much control over safety.

7 Alan Newton Interview – The Innocence Project


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9 mei 2007

Alan Newton was exonerated by DNA testing after serving 21 years in New York prisons for a crime he didn’t commit. He shares his experiences in this short interview. For more information, visit

8 Prison Escape Caught On Camera


11 mei 2011

Weird police officers ask people passing by if they will take a polaroid photo of them outside the police station. It gets even weirder when the picture actually shows an inmate in an orange jumpsuit escaping by scaling down the wall with a tied bedsheet! Next time the prank victims look up, there’s the criminal, getting away!
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