Manifest injustice

I say that justice is truth in action.

An error in the trial court that is direct, obvious, and observable.


(an example of) a situation in which there is no fairness and justice:

The sight of people suffering arouses a deep sense of injustice in her.
They were aware of the injustices of the system.

Cambridge Dictionary

1 Missouri man wrongfully convicted of murder still awaiting release

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Gepubliceerd op 14 mei 2018

A Missouri man hopes to walk out of prison today after serving nearly two decades for a murder he did not commit. David Robinson was kept behind bars even though another man confessed to the crime in 2004. “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty reports.

2 Wrongfully convicted Pennsylvania man exonerated after 11 years in jail

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Gepubliceerd op 17 mei 2018

Dontia Patterson, a Philadelphia man sentenced to life in prison in 2009 for killing his friend, was exonerated and released Wednesday following an extraordinary court motion from Philadelphia’s district attorney. CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller spoke with Patterson who always insisted on his innocence.

3 The wrong man on death row

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Gepubliceerd op 5 sep. 2008 Ray Krone was on death row in Arizona State Prison for two years (and eight years in prison) before he was freed after DNA tests proved his innocence in 2002. Mr. Krone became the 100th death row inmate to be proven innocent in the United States of America since 1973. Mr. Krone was twice convicted for a murder he did not commit.
This injustice literally makes me cry. Abolish the death penalty now!
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Pete Wolanski
The system is only as correct as what and how the person controlling it (Judge) figures it to be. Every single month there is some one innocent who goes in and some one innocent who comes out.
Betsy Bean
He wrestled with my brother-in-law. Every Dover, Pa 1974 Reunion took up a fund to support Ray’s innocense. He was brought up by humbles beginning and made him home. Ray doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Luckily he came through this by his faith in God.
This story has every element of what I argue to abolish the death penalty. It almost exclusively applies to only people who don’t have large sums of money to fight cases. It has forensic evidence that people believe proves guilt shown to be flawed. Most importantly, though, it shows that an innocent human being can live their life when mistakes are realized. The death penalty is irreversible, and it’s only an out-of-sight/out-of-mind blood lust for people unattached to the situation.

4 Strikes on 60 Minutes

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Gepubliceerd op 30 dec. 2015

So many violent crimes begin over an insignificant item such as the purse for which 2 felons, fresh out of prison, murdered Kimber Reynolds. Amazingly she survived 36 hours before she was removed from life support. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds one and only daughter was brain dead. She is not the only one, there are thousands of such stories throughout American history and our time. Anyone who has not learned to fear imprisonment after 2 or more trips to the penitentiary has lost their fear of consequences and have earned their life sentences. If one is to battle crime you have to be willing to remove chronic offenders from society in order to protect society. It’s just that simple. Second chances at such a point should go to the victim. Our judicial system seems to leave that out of their consideration. Why?

4 Wrongfully Convicted Man, Lorenzo Johnson Speaks About His Ordeal

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Gepubliceerd op 5 nov. 2017
Lorenzo Johnson served 16 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit! Mr. Johnson was convicted of murder in Pennsylvania and served 16 1/2 years of a life sentence without the possibility of parole. He was then released for four months, and then in a cruel twist, sent back for another five years, after which time he was finally released for good.
Also on the show, exonoree, Jeffrey Deskovic, founder of the Jeffrey Deskovic foundation, which ONLY HELPS people who are wrongfully convicted.
This story highlights one of the major problems in our United States Judicial System. THIS MUST change!!
Please consider donating to the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation, located in New York, as well as sharing this story on social media.

5 After 4 Decades in Solitary, Dying Angola 3 Prisoner Herman Wallace Freed, Conviction Overturned

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2 okt. 2013

A dying prisoner has been released in Louisiana after serving nearly 42 years in solitary confinement, longer than any other person in the United States. Herman Wallace, and two others known as the Angola 3, were placed in solitary in 1972 following the murder of a prison guard. The Angola 3 and their supporters say they were framed for the murder over their political activism as members of one of the first prison chapters of the Black Panthers. In a surprise development on Tuesday, Wallace was released from prison after a federal judge overturned his conviction, saying he did not receive a fair trial. Wallace, who is near death from advanced liver cancer, was taken directly to a New Orleans hospital where supporters greeted his arrival. We are joined by three guests: Robert King, who until Tuesday night was the only freed member of the Angola 3 and helped deliver to Wallace the news of his release; Wallace’s defense attorney, George Kendall; and Jackie Sumell, an artist and Wallace supporter who is with him at the Louisiana State University medical center in New Orleans. “This is a tremendous victory and a miracle that Herman Wallace will die a free man,” Sumell says. “He’s had 42 years of maintaining his innocence in solitary confinement, and if his last few breaths are as a free man, we’ve won.”

6 When a 16-Year-Old Is Locked Up in a Supermax Prison | Stickup Kid | FRONTLINE

17 dec. 2014

What happens when a juvenile offender is locked up in a super-maximum security prison? “Stickup Kid” tells the story of Alonza Thomas — who, at age 16, was sent to adult prison after being charged with armed robbery shortly after California enacted a new tough-on-juvenile-crime law. Alonza went on to spend more than a decade behind bars. Learn more about Alonza here:…

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