Rigged in many ways

Doorgestoken kaart



To arrange dishonestly for the result of something, for example an election, to be changed:

Previous elections in the country have been rigged by the ruling party.

Cambridge Dictionary

rigged, a setup, a set-up, a put-up job, fix

1 The man who rigged America’s election maps


17 okt. 2019

The story of the man who gerrymandered America.
When Republican mapmaker Thomas Hofeller died in 2018, we learned exactly how far Republicans were willing to go to gerrymander political districts – and rig elections to give themselves majorities in statehouses and Congress.

2 Deaf Man Scam Prank


25 mei 2011

Supposedly deaf man doing sign language asks people passing by for donations. Then he picks up his cell phone and starts talking to someone and the prank victims get angry.

The game of public policy today is rigged in many ways.

Het overheidsbeleidsspel is tegenwoordig op veel manieren doorgestoken kaart.

Those things are rigged, I think.

Well, it was all rigged.

What if they find out this was rigged? – No.

Die dingen zijn doorgestoken kaart, volgens mij.

Nou, het was allemaal doorgestoken kaart.

Stel dat ze weten dat het doorgestoken kaart is.


What they mean, I think, Mr President, is that the election was clearly rigged.

Wat men daarmee volgens mij wilde zeggen, mijnheer de Voorzitter, is dat de verkiezingen duidelijk doorgestoken kaart zijn.