The dark side of justice

Dark side
The parts of a person, a group, an activity, etc. that are unpleasant, evil, or harmful:

She sings about the dark side to love.
He plays a police chief who gets results despite his dark side and personal faults.
The film illuminates with relentless honesty the dark side of its subject.
I wrote about a doctor who had gone over to the dark side and was promoting unproven fad diets.

Cambridge Dictionary

As a teenager in 1989, Yusef Salaam was wrongfully convicted in the notorious “Central Park Five” case and served more than five years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Father, poet, activist, and inspirational speaker. He has committed himself to advocate and educate people on the issues of mass incarceration, police brutality and misconduct, false confessions, press ethics and bias, race and law, and the disparities in America’s criminal justice system, especially for young men of color. Determined to educate the public, Yusef eagerly shares his story with others. In speaking out against injustice, he conveys the importance of continuing one’s education—whether formal or otherwise.

1 Exonerated ‘Central Park Five’ Survivor Dr. Yusef Salaam on Black Trauma | NowThis

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7 jun. 2020

Dr. Yusef Salaam was imprisoned as a member of the Central Park Five, a group of Black and Hispanic teenagers who were falsely charged and convicted of an attack on a jogger in Central Park.

Though much of the public called for their execution, including future President Donald Trump, the Central Park 5 were eventually exonerated and have shared their experience as a warning against systemic police racism and police brutality, as seen in the documentary series When They See Us.

As the Black Lives Matter comes to the forefront in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, protests throughout the world are waking us up to the shared experience of Black trauma in a society that is unfairly biased against them. The Black experience shared by many African Americans is wrought with the collective trauma of centuries of injustice, and as the Black Lives Matter protests and George Floyd protests continue to grow, we must not lose sight of the tragedies that led us to this moment.

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15 sep. 2020

After serving 37 years for a murder he did not commit, Robert DuBoise’s name was cleared Monday morning inside the Hillsborough County Courthouse. The 55-year-old was sent to prison at 18 for the brutal rape and murder of 20 year-old Barbara Grams. The prosecution used what looked like a bite mark on the victim, and matched to DuBoise at the time.

4 Man’s exoneration leads Hillsborough State Attorney to launch bite-mark conviction review


15 sep. 2020

Robert DuBoise, 55, was exonerated of a 1983 murder after spending decades in prison.

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